Blurry Angel: Letters on Liking

Romy Day Winkel, Benedikt Kuhn

Blurry Angel: Letters on Liking is the shared and intertwined epistolary space of writers Benedikt Kuhn and Romy Day Winkel. After a mutual friend introduced them, their meeting unfolded into writing emails back and forth, revealing a shared interest in the works of Unica Zürn, Leonora Carrington, Else Blankenhorn and Paula Rego. In an attempt to find out what they both like about these and other works, they navigate the writing of Bourdieu, Glissant and Berlant, exploring relations such as automation and feeling, synchronized affect and desubjectivation, and the history and present of surrealism. 

This publication holds the affirmations, doubts, allusions and references in Romy and Benedikt’s thinking-while-relating. Consisting of three parts – a letter exchange, a text written together in an literary game of exquisite corpse, and a reflective postscript by writer Marija Cetinić – these addresses offer different windows into the authors’ interpersonal space of enmeshed tastes.

Written by Benedikt Kuhn and Romy Day Winkel
Postscript by Marija Cetinić
Introduction and editing by Jan-Pieter ‘t Hart
Designed by Tjobo Kho
Published by OUTLINE
Printing by no kiss?

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