¶#1: Backpacking

Annosh Urbanke

Wikipedia is not:
A paper encyclopedia
A dictionary
A publisher of original thought
A soapbox or means of promotion
A mirror or a repository of links
A memorial site
A manual or scientific journal
A dictionary
A crystal ball
A newspaper
An indiscriminate collection of information

¶#1 consists solely of texts and images found on the online collaborative platform Wikipedia. This publication contains many authors and we’d like to thank every one of them. ¶#1 is assembled by Annosh Urbanke. And includes a numbered print of her work Wadi Rum (2018).

Annosh Urbanke works as an artist and in the areas of art writing and curating. In her personal work she explores nostalgic and contemporary forms of tourism. While considering personal and collective experiences she looks at today’s consumption and performative elements of tourism. For ¶#1 she travelled through Wikipedia, looking for imaginary landscapes and fictitious cities. It is a critical and inspirational reading along all kinds of travelling that reach out to nowadays problematic (meta) realities of consumer tourism.

Size: A2, folded to A4
Page run: 12
Edition: 150
Published: November 2020
Editor: Jan-Pieter 't Hart
Design: Tjobo Kho

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