OUTLINE get-together: Jacob Dwyer, Azul De Monte, Seaside

Jacob Dwyer, Azul De Monte

During this get-together, OUTLINE will present three durational works: an audio drama, a performance and a listening session, presented in an informal setting of sonic intimacy.

The Devil Museum, Jacob Dwyer
“Over the following four weeks in Lithuania I kept an audio diary and recorded sounds in and around my cabin. I met no one and spoke about meeting no one. I remembered Crow Man and the time I sold my mum a kilo of scallops. I listened to the door hinge and I recorded the river, with its small islands of ice brushing up against the banks like a pulse. It’s a nice word, ‘pulse’; the motion of an artery as blood is driven through it by the heart.”

The Devil Museum is Jacob Dwyer’s latest audio drama, which he realized during a residency at Rupert in Lithuania. In it we we listen to the diary of a man tasked with pho­tographing all three-thou­sand of a mu­se­um’s devil sculp­tures. It com­bines field record­ings with orig­inal mu­sical com­po­si­tions by Ka­reem Lotfy and Jacob Oostra. The piece will be performed with live narration and foley by Jacob Dwyer. The Devil Museum was published on vinyl in March 2022 by London-based record label Mana. It is available digitally via Bandcamp or on vinyl at Honest Jon’s Records.

oh, thats cute!, Azul De Monte
How can we escape the echoes of cuteness bouncing against pristine structures of being? Playing with references of e-girls and videos of animated sex fluids with phantasmagoric bodies, Azul De Monte’s performance explores how cuteness and infantilization becomes a state of being in capitalism.

Seaside is OUTLINE‘s bi-monthly audio collage, broadcast on Stranded FM. For the get-together Tjobo Kho and Jan-Pieter ‘t Hart will host a live listening session with sounds to collectively digest and reflect on the night’s performances.

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