OUTLINE get-together #3

Lacey Verhalen, Lucas Lugarinho, Maoyi, Alexandra Martens Serrano, Jonathan Castro

Join us on the 8th of June for an evening with sound, performances, video games and more. Taking over the space of OT301 and convened by OUTLINE, five artists will perform works that navigate a wild relationality of identities amidst the thresholds and elements of their respective landscapes. A journey through various (beyond) human socio-political worlds, they each guide us through multiple affective and mutualistic relationships that reveal at times pleasant or at times disturbing entanglements.

Passionfruit Heaven, Lacey Verhalen
A collection of tips for cooling down / Consume minty drinks with names like Passionfruit Heaven / Mint to manage minor knots / Lack tangled with violence / Aggression with authority / Keep your heels heavy because heat always rises / The closest you can get to a breeze is sixteen minutes west of your last turn

Sonic & The Escape Hypothesis, Lucas Lugarinho
Sonic & The Escape Hypothesis is an unofficial video game where the popular character Sonic the Hedgehog ventures into a world infested with proliferating viruses in order to reach for a mysterious calling voice. Mixing platform and bullet hell gameplay, Sonic will travel amidst a collage of 3D environments juxtaposed with appropriated footage, confronting the player with a cacophony of stimuli in order to reflect about the origin and role of viruses in both nature and society.

Thresholding, Maoyi
Thresholding is a sonic and performative relation to the socio-political notion of thresholding in between departure and arrival. It fuses questions of representation, the victimhood of technological control, and to reach the fuzziness of that experience, the intimate conversations, and the threshold of understanding.

Swimming Tongues, Alexandra Martens Serrano
Swimming Tongues is an exploration of the synthesis between self-expression, sensorial understandings and acts of navigation. This performative video piece proposes disturbing and sensual entanglements of different practices of communication, inter species symbiosis and different bodies as fantastic territories of perception and comprehension.

Dirty listening session, Jonathan Castro
Dirty Listening is a listening session of and reflection on space. The composition suggests alternative ways of thinking and listening to the margins. This margin is understood as a profound edge: a place outside the circuit of the productive structures of a city, the counter-image of nature, denial, and noise. The live set is filled with stories, events, traces as sonic landscapes between movement and space, meaning and being, deconstruction and transformation, reality and fiction.

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