Harbouring, re-assembling

Luna Hupperetz, Jan-Pieter 't Hart, Yasmine Kabir, Selby Gildemacher, Ana Bravo Pérez

The NDSM wharf and Tuindorp Oostzaan are rapidly changing Amsterdam neighborhoods with complex histories connected to industry, migration, and the shifting distribution of labour. Harbouring, reassembling comprises a short film program, a walk and an audio work exploring the local history of labour at the NDSM wharf and its ties with outsourcing labor to the Global South. Starting with a program of international short films and local historical footage at MACA, located at NDSM, the program continues with a walk to the Sacramentskerk in Tuindorp Oostzaan, a neighbourhood originally intended for workers at the ship wharf, where an audio work by Jan-Pieter 't Hart is presented which critically engages with the layers of urban history and present-day developments. The program is co-curated by Luna Hupperetz and OUTLINE.

Sunday 21 July, 2-5pm
Start: MACA (Ms. van Riemsdijkweg 61)
End: Sacramentskerk (Kometensingel 152)
€12, get your tickets here

Film program:
Mother Earth’s Inner Organs (2022) by Ana Bravo Pérez
The last rites: Requiem for a ship (2008) by Yasmine Kabir
Incotrans Speed - re-offshoring (2024) by Selby Gildemacher

Audio work:
Horizon line by Jan-Pieter ‘t Hart

This project is supported by Gemeente Amsterdam & Fonds voor Noord
Special thanks to Historisch Archief Tuindorp Oostzaan (HATO)

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