Rik Möhlmann

In his work, Rik Möhlmann uses computer graphics and synthetic sound with an inquisitive and hands-on approach, often intertwined with an intimate application of metaphysics, like in the practice of classical yoga. Möhlmann's work often takes the form of direct and live encounters with media that range from the computer mouse, phone apps to drum- synthesizers, translating spontaneous abstract thoughts into sounds, images, and installations. This process, for Möhlmann, often starts with simple, doodle-like expressions, like phone paintings, that evolve into more intricate installations, performances, digital spaces, or game environments. It's a constant process of seeking a profound freedom in the exploration of the space where our minds meet with external tools, by approaching the subject through an archetypal and meditative lens. As an extension of our own mind-body complex, technology thus becomes a vehicle in Möhlmann's work for creative liberation and a deeper understanding of consciousness in the moment.
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