Alexandra Martens Serrano

Alexandra Martens Serrano is a multidisciplinary artist and researcher currently based in Amsterdam. She holds a BA Fine Arts from The Royal Academy of Arts in The Hague (2014) and is currently in the midst of an MA Art Praxis at the Dutch Art Institute. Her multifaceted work, driven by her interest in semantic networks, is embodied through non-linear associative constellations that mostly shape installations which synthesize elements ranging in various materialities from sculptures to drawings, text, and sound. Her research converges the development of techno-ecologies, which reverberate shadow discourses of magic realism, with intersectional ways of reconfiguring, ‘dubbing’, and entangling the world as it currently is and as it speculatively could be. By exploring various traditional techniques/technologies and digital softwares; in her practice she engages with beyond-human voices and assemblages in relation to larger frameworks of linguistics, biopolitics, science, and histories. Pursuing new understandings of materiality, space and image beyond the western canon of knowledge, she approaches her work as hybrid gestures, cultivated as vessels of alternative methods of thinking, narrating and communicating in which various worlds and temporalities collide.
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