Derek MF Di Fabio

Derek MF Di Fabio (they/them) recently obtained a Master’s in Art Praxis and Critical Theory at Dutch Art Institute with a dissertation on prison abolition as a quantum-transfeminism practice. Their work looks into the possibilities of bodies being present in space. It questions how knowledge is transmitted between bodies and generations, particularly looking at the power dynamics that dominate over them. Di Fabio’s work includes workshops, stenographies, sculptures, audio walks, and events. It comprises experiences that can be lived again and anew through a shared memory that can no longer be circumscribed by who/how/where. Their latest exhibitions and works occurred at Fondazione Pomodoro (curated by Eva Fabbris, Milan – IT, 2021) and “Bark” – Almanac Projects (Turin – IT, 2021). Since 2010 they have collaborated with Cherimus, an association that aims to contribute to developing the social and cultural patrimony of the Sulcis-Iglesiente region in southwest Sardinia, Italy, through art. They live and work in Berlin.
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