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Seaside_007: parachute in cloudless 2

Derek MF Di Fabio

The second ‘parachute in cloudless’ mixtape by artist Derek MF Di Fabio, stitching together fragments on abolitionism as a feminist and decolonial practice, explored through the voice, word of mouth and poetry. First broadcast on May 31st 2023 on Stranded FM.

DDM – Dysphoria / estoc – esquees tempore – Kablam medievalisms (mixed-up)
Ursula Le Guin – “It Doesn’t Have to Be the Way It Is” (excerpt)
From “No Time To Spare. Thinking about what matters”. Read by Dalia Maini
Alice Fultun – Because We Never Practiced With The Escape Chamber
Fever Ray – Kandy (sample)
Derek MF Di Fabio – Common Enclosure (excerpt)
Read by Derek MF Di Fabio and Dalia Maini
Deli Girl – Officer
Ruth Wilson Gilmore – Abolition Geography: Essays Towards Liberation
Rosi Braidotti – Language is a Virus
Derek MF Di Fabio, m, Charlotte Simon – Cuscino. “Prato”
Julia Kristeva and John Lechte – Approaching Abjection
Recording of Chuquimamani-Condori and Joshua Chuquimia Crampton’s Live (mixed-up)
TikTok @muftikhaleelullah (protest in Sudan)
C. Spencer Yeh – I . From Solo Voice I
Fatima Al Qadiri Hito Steyerl Juliana Huxtable – Nothing Forever (sample / mixed up)
Derek MF Di Fabio, m, Charlotte Simon – Cuscino. “Drone”
Jeannette Armstrong + The Not European Crew – We R Valuable (Speech by Jeannette Armstrong to Aboriginal Youth Conference in Ottawa, 1989.)

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