An overview of the output and activities of OUTLINE as a collective, as well as invited contributions.


Seaside_001: The utterance

Tjobo Kho, Jan-Pieter 't Hart

The first bi-monthly hour of music, sounds and words on Stranded FM, broadcasted on March 16 2022.

Paul De Vree – Het leven is een baccarat
Jan Jelinek – karlheinz stockhausen, which difficulties…
Brin, Dntel, more eaze – waver
Jenny Hval interview
Joachim Badenhorst – Daimonjiyama
Peter Zummo – Lateral Pass I: Sci Fi
Mira Calix – there is always a girl with a secret
Kodwo Eshun interview
Bendik Giske – Void
Museum of no Art – I just realized there is a lot of slime in the world. It's Almost Everywhere. In Your Body, in Your Coffee, in Your Words, in the Politics and in the Ocean
Seth Price – Non speech 2010
Mark Lecky – O magic power of bleakness
Cucina povera & Els – Marmori
Dawuna – The river, the garden
Leandro Katz – Animal Hours
Mica Levi – Between feat relax kevin

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