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vulnerability hangover

Dylan Spencer-Davidson

in 2019 i made a performance around the song ‘quarry procession’ by meredith monk. for me the song is the ultimate ballad to codependency, a catalogue of every sweet and bitter taste the word ‘you’ can evoke. feels like the world’s been in freefall since then. listening back to it means catching up on grief from the last fourteen months. here it is repackaged in a new shell. sending love

Hans Otte – Wassermannmusik (Aquarian Music) I.
Hania Rani – F Major
Sarah Davachi – Matins
Malibu – Come Down To Us (Piano Edit)
Eleh – Death is Eternal Bliss
7038634357 – Angel Shaving (2: Laser)
Meredith Monk – Quarry Procession
Oldyungmayn & Anima – SPIRE

This mix was part of OUTLINE streams: in dubio hosted by PHANTOM RADIO SATURDAY MATINEE 3PM ALL AGES at Werkplaats Typografie (Arnhem, NL).

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