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Seaside_006 Hauntology FM: the specter of digital liberation

Cardboard Lamb, Sonia Shvets

This Seaside is presented by Hauntology FM: a show about the myths, sounds, spaces, and objects that haunt our everyday life.

“Derrida’s concept of hauntology denotes the phenomenon of elements from the past haunting the present. With our show, we want to venture into the artistic and theoretical exploration of the myths of society we are suspended in, that feed the mind like amniotic fluid. Our show explores how these stories, objects, and spaces can become imbued with emotion and meaning (for example, political meaning) and thereby haunt our present, becoming the hidden ghosts in our lives. Our first episode centers on the specter of digital liberation, investigating the origins of both Twitter and Arpanet. Positing these as a contrast to the myth of the internet as a citizens utopia.”

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