An overview of the output and activities of OUTLINE as a collective, as well as invited contributions.


¶#3: The mental traveller

Kim David Bots

The Guests are scatterd thro’ the land
For the Eye altering alters all
The Senses roll themselves in fear
And the flat Earth becomes a Ball

For this fourth and (for now) last edition in our ¶ (Pilcrow) series we invited artist Kim David Bots to explore notions of memory and cognition through various myths, histories, phenomena, poems and images he found on Wikipedia.

¶#3 consists of texts and images found on the online collaborative encyclopedia Wikipedia, BIC pen drawings by Kim David Bots and the poem The Mental Traveller by William Blake.

Size: A4
Page run: 28
Edition: 200
Published: May 2022
Editor: Jan-Pieter 't Hart
Design: Tjobo Kho

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