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W-Street (plot points and non-fictions)

Jan-Pieter 't Hart

W-Street (plot points and non-fictions) tells the story of an almost fictional character (A.) in a hardly fictional street (W-Street). It is a relational account of a neighbourhood that became a development project: perpetually unfinished, continually overwriting its many pasts. It “stitches together imperfectly” this specific urban history with musings on remembering and forgetting, public art and memorials, cinematic references and feminist theory; as alignments and disjunctions when you turn a corner, or a page.

Jan-Pieter 't Hart (he/him) is an artist and art worker based in Amsterdam, working mostly in the fields of writing, sound, publishing and organizing. He co-runs a publishing platform called OUTLINE and a music community called corecore.

Size: 20*10,5cm
Page run: 44
Edition: 150
Published: May 2023
Design: Lulu van Dijck
Drawings: Tjobo Kho

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