An overview of the output and activities of OUTLINE as a collective, as well as invited contributions.


Seaside_005 humming along to Avril 14 (played on pedal steel)

Jan-Pieter 't Hart

Assembled by Jan-Pieter ‘t Hart, broadcasted on 8 February 2023 on Stranded FM. A mixtape of loose sonic research on the thin line between isolation and intimacy through recording and sharing practices; acts of identification and imitation in virtual, (para)social relationships. The mix elaborates on elements from my earlier sonic works, contextualising it with words and sounds I found along the way.

I missed you so much ASMR
Mic check sound effect
Public Relations – Giving Space
bod [包家巷] – music for finding other music
Gal Gadot voice sample
Jacob Dwyer – The Devil Museum (excerpt)
Hildegard Westerkamp – A Walk Through The City
Joanna Brouk – Diving Deeper, Remembering Love
How to beatmatch on CDJs
lovefear – Breathe
ASMR Malibu – Held
Avril 14 on pedal steel
Drummer reacts to Concorde
Mic Sound effect
Mutter (children’s choir cover)
Applause – Applause at concert, sustained final applause.
Lauren Duffus – Soho Road (Crying Song)
VOICE ACTOR – Indecent Thoughts
Hildegard Westerkamp – Fantasy for Horns II
Norton Lecture 1: The River | Laurie Anderson: Spending the War Without You
Jules Venturini – Keep Me Close
Public Relations – Radio
Should I describe my living room or just invite you over? (excerpt from performance lecture)

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