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Not-yet-quite subject or more-than subject [a desk·top o·pe·ra·tion in 29 tabs]

Tabea Nixdorff

being voiced. being silenced. voice amplified. voice distorted. voice overheard. voice unsung. voice echoed. metaphors failing. sound as touch. becoming a wave. becoming a vibration. the massage of our first lullaby. first screams, first shake. change of voice. becoming man. voice of authorities. change of pitch. change of subject. not-yet-quite subject or more-than subject. hands on machines, becoming looms, becoming computers, becoming announcements, being a pattern. talking rain. an echo chamber for tonal instabilities: reverberations, speech as sound, sound as speech:

hildegard westerkamp: talking rain · jeanne lee: the miracle · éliane radigue: feedback works · mary jane leach: mountain echoe · jacqueline nova: metamorfosis · sorrel hays: celebration of no · christina kubisch: circles iii · pauline oliveros: a woman sees how the world goes with no eyes · julius eastman: gay guerrilla · mary jane leach: pipe dreams · lily greenham circulation (extended) · maggi payne: flights of fancy · bebe barron: mixed emotions · laurie spiegel: voices within · suzanne ciani: voices of packaged souls · alice schields: studies for voice and tape · cathy berberian: stripsody · jocy de oliveira: i hear voices that are lost in the paths i found · beatriz ferreyra: electronic chrysopoeia · meredith monk: songs from a hill · pauline oliveros: beautiful soop · pamela z: declaratives in first person · joan la barbara: circular song · jin hi kim: digital buddah · maryanne amacher: sound characters · june tyson: astro black · alice coltrane: infinite chants · teresa rampazzi: with the light pen · laurie anderson: English

This mix was part of OUTLINE streams: in dubio hosted by PHANTOM RADIO SATURDAY MATINEE 3PM ALL AGES at Werkplaats Typografie (Arnhem, NL).

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